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Academic Librarianship

ACRL's Hall of Fame: An Analysis of Academic/Research Librarian of the Year Award. PORTAL: LIBRARIES AND THE ACADEMY Vol. 10 (3): 283-308, July 2010. (co-authored with Michael Krasulski)

What Good Are All These Links?: Rethinking the Academic Library Website. LIBRARY ISSUES Vol. 30 (2): 1-4, January 2010.

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The Library Web Site of the Future. INSIDE HIGHER ED February 17, 2009.

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What's Your Library Brand? LIBRARY ISSUES Vol. 27 (1): 1-4, September 2006.

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The New Digital Divide: Dissecting Aggregator Exclusivity Deals. D-LIB MAGAZINE 7(7/8): July/August 2001.
Available online at:

To Keep Up, Go Beyond: Developing a Personal Professional Development Plan Using E-Resources Outside the Bounds of Library Literature. COLLEGE & RESEARCH LIBRARIES NEWS 61(7):581-584, July/August, 2000.

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Bibliographic Instruction and Instructional Technology

Stop IAKT Syndrome with Student Live Search Demos. REFERENCE SERVICES REVIEW 35(1): 98-108, 2007.

Search Alternatives And Beyond. EDUCAUSE QUARTERLY JOURNAL Vo. 29 (3): 11-15, September 2006.

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End PowerPoint Dependency Now!  AMERICAN LIBRARIES Vol. 35 (6), June-July, 2004, pp. 56-59.

Promotion Through “Teachnology”: Usings LTAs (Low Threshold Applications) To Collaborate With Faculty. NETCONNECT (supplement to LIBRARY JOURNAL) V.129(1) :15-16, Winter, 2004.

Cyber-Guest Lectures: Using Webcasts As A Teaching Tool. TECH TRENDS 47(4): 10-14, July-August 2003.

Discovering Cyber-lectures (Webcasting). NETCONNECT(supplement to LIBRARY JOURNAL): 16-18, Spring, 2002.

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Oh No! I Can't Get on the Web: Offline Strategies for Internet Content Presentations. Searcher Vol. 8, No. 3, March, 2000.

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Using the "live demo" in online instruction. ONLINE, May, 1990, Vol.14,No.3, pgs.38-42.


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