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Teaching & Learning

This page contains information about interests and activities related to teaching and learning.

Blended Librarianship

The theory and practice of librarianship when it intersects and blends with information technology and instructional design/technology. It is both an approach to practice that seeks to further the integration of the library into the classroom, and a community of learners. There is more information available about blended librarians and the Blended Librarians Online Learning Community (and how to join) at the Blended Librarians website.

Formal Teaching

I am an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Drexel University College of Information Science & Technology. I have taught the Academic Library Services course (I651). The course is taught on-site during the spring quarter and online during the winter quarter. I have been teaching as an adjunct instructor at Drexel University since 1992, and in the past have taught the information services and research course (learning how to use Dialog, LexisNexis, etc) and the business information course. I am currently on a break from teaching at Drexel University.

Here is a sample syllabus for I651.

Instructional Design & Technology

This is an interest area for me as I seek to better understand how people learn, and how I can be a better instructor. Using technology more effectively to enhance the achievement of learning outcomes is critical. I have completed several courses in an instructional technology certificate program, and continue to regularly study in this field.

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